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Plants and Herbs as Medicine

Plants as Medicine?

herbal foodsDid you know that most all medicines came from plants? That’s how it all started, but unfortunately it’s not that way anymore. Most medicines that you get from your doctor are made in laboratories using chemical compounds instead. They are made up of an “active” ingredient that is supposed to be a magic bullet to take care of what ever symptom we are experiencing. Now that is all fine and dandy, except that doesn’t work too well for the long-term.


Plants have an inner wisdom to them and their medicine works best when taken together as a whole, not just the isolated active chemical. As Dr. Deepak Chopra says “Modern medicine takes some knowledge from plants, but throws away the wisdom in it.” Your best bet for keeping yourself youthful and healthy over the long haul (and yes, we will all get there eventually) is to eat nutritious plant foods, preferably organic or wild crafted (found out in the wild in an untouched and unsprayed with chemicals) form. They are full of life and have a very high vibration (as tested under a darkfield microscope or Kirlian photography).


Organic Produce Benefits

They are also so rich in many vitamins and minerals that are absent in conventional produce and herbs found in your local supermarket. Even taking a multi-vitamin will not do the trick because most of them are also chemically formed and hard on our body. Most are not even able to be absorbed! Talk about a waste of money and your health.  Go to your local farmers market or organic produce and discover how good food can taste. There is a big difference that you can taste. And you get the benefit of all the vitamins and minerals present that will clean, detox and energize your body. You will feel like your tank is filled with the best premium octane fuel and you will feel so much better. Not only will you feel better but your skin and hair will show their natural radiance and you’ll look years younger again.


Longevity Now Conference 2011

Watch what naturalist and master of herbal nutrition David Wolfe (taken from his Longevity Now 2011 Conference) says about foods as medicine:


Find out more about his program by clicking the following link: longevitynowwarehouse

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