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Natural Herbs for Cancer


Cancer Herbs

cancer herbsThere is an answer in nature for every challenge that humans and our animal companions face. Cancer is no different. In fact cancer is not this big, bad type of blue meanie, rather is a big warning light, that is alerting you that some things in your life (or pet’s life) is not in healthy balance. Cancer is actually a protector of life. It walls of toxins that would be lethal to us, and gives us time to do something to remedy the problem. People don’t die from cancer, they die from the treatment of cancer (using traditional methods that poison and weaken your body and immune system.)

Choosing natural herbs and holistic treatments for cancer can not only get rid of the symptoms and tumors, but remove the cause of them, so they don’t come back (unlike traditional treatments where the cancer almost always returns within a few years!) Holistic healing herbs safely bring your body back into balance and rid your body of the toxins (or hormonal imbalances) that the root cause of your tumors being formed in the first place.  You can’t get any better than a body in proper balance, also known as yin/yang balance or Mind Body Spirit union.

Natural Remedies for Cancer

You will want to check with your doctor or holistic practitioner if you are taking any standard medications because of their side-effects. Always begin by taking a single dose and closely monitor how it is working with your body. Just like the tortoise that beats the hare every time, slow and steady will get you to the line of peak health and optimum wellness for the long term.

Cancer Herbs (and other natural remedies)

Use these natural cancer fighters separately or together for a synergistic (more powerful) effect:

  • Zeolite AV (Natural zeolite powder – natural cancer fighting mineral that detoxes deeply)
  • Essiac Herbs (Ojibwa native American herbal remedy for cancer)
  • Hoxsey Herbs (Red Clover and activator herbs)
  • Vitamin B-17 or Laetrile (allows cancer cells to move out and removes the toxins)
  • Bloodroot (expensive but extremely powerful cancer remover, active ingredient in Black Salve and Cansema)
  • Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C (Deep penetrating formula for cancer and detox)
  • Medicinal Mushrooms (Ten Mushroom Active Immune System Enhancer)
  • Zapper (Dr. Hulda Clark’s Electronic Pathogen and Cancer Stopper)
  • Colloidal Silver. You can get a Colloidal Silver Generator (Silver molecules kill viruses, bacteria, and aggressive cancer cells.) I highly recommend you get this as you can make gallons and protect your whole family including pets.
  • You can buy it ready made like OxySilver (highly dispersed form of colloidal silver.) I take it regularly and rarely get sick from anything, even when everyone else around me is sicker than a dog!)
  • Probiotics are healthy bacteria that make your digestive and immune system function at a peak levels. They are naturally present in Yogurt and Kefir, and are these “healthy bacteria” crowd out harmful ones and help your body fight off infections and tumor growth.

Use these holistic remedies for specific cancers or tumors:

These are made to be used with any holistic health therapy to bring your body quickly back into it’s natural state of health and balance.  However there are many reasons why cancer has shown up at your door. So you will want to address those underlying issues as well.

These natural cancer healing tips include:

Also be sure to enjoy time with those that you love and those people that will actively support your new healthy lifestyle. Do get out in nature and get some natural sunlight on your skin (at least 20 minutes early morning or late afternoon). It actually protects you from skin cancer, not cause it!


For more information you can checkout the whole bible for herbal cancer cures and how to mix and make your own by clicking here or on the book below:

herbs for cancer



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  2. […] Zeolite-AV is particularly potent for viral infections and to help your body shrink cancerous tumors (a natural zeolite cancer remedy). It also has humic acid along with the zeolite powder. You can also use the Royal Detox as a whole body detox (which has fulvic acid and humic acid) along with Zeolite Pure if you want use them full strength, or in a maintenance dose to keep your body clean from toxins. This works well with most natural cancer herbs. […]

  3. […] Beging alkalizing your body by drinking alkaline water, eating some raw green vegetables, citrus fruits and taking natural alkaline minerals like magnesium (found in sea salt) and particularly natural zeolite powder crystals (zeolyte). Those along with a handful of herbal cancer remedies will help you move past this chapter of your life into a healthy and vibrant living. You can do it, and we can help. For more information visit: Herbs for cancer […]

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