Ways to Purify Water


How To Purify Tap Water

Why and How to Purify Tap Water. Purifying your tap water is no longer a luxury. Tap Water is becoming more toxic by the day. People who drink it regularly are becoming really sick because of all the runoff from factory farms, pesticides, chemicals, chemtrail pollutants, pharmaceuticals and even brain eating bacteria! Please do not drink the tap water, or give it to your kids or even pets (they can drink it from some outdoors places because the dirt and rocks will help purify it).


Our bodies are made of mostly water (70-80%) as are our brains. We need fresh, clean drinking water for our bodies and brains to work at their best. Many diseases are related to having toxins in our bodies and organs (fluoride in the water = Alzheimer’s). Finding ways to purify water is the best preventative against having to do a detox after you get ill later. 


Brita and Pur have some simple tabletop units, although they improve the taste somewhat (I still More >