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Best Ways to Purify Water

ways to purify water

Best Ways to Purify Water   How To Purify Tap Water How to purify tap water and why you must do it if you care about your health (and your loved one’s well being as well.) Purifying your tap water is no longer a luxury. Tap Water is becoming more toxic by the day. People […]

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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine – Plants as Healers

healthy food

Plants and Herbs as Medicine Plants as Medicine? Did you know that most all medicines came from plants? That’s how it all started, but unfortunately it’s not that way anymore. Most medicines that you get from your doctor are made in laboratories using chemical compounds instead. They are made up of an “active” ingredient that […]

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Welcome to All Herbal Remedies

all natural herbal remedies

All Herbal Remedies   You’ve just found the place inspired by Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. Richard Schulze, and David Wolfe. I sure you’ll find just what you need on this site to help your body become balanced, energetic and in optimal health. Nature has an answer for every thing this world brings your way. […]

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